Who Needs Furniture Removals in London?

Written by Charlotte

October 29, 2020

Who needs Furniture Removals in London?

You have probably spent a lot of money on your furniture and take pride in each of the pieces within your home and/or businesses. Not only does furniture have its ergonomic value, but it also has an aesthetic appeal, making it that bit more important to your property. 

But lest we forget, furniture is heavy and extremely difficult to maneuver in the majority of cases. Unless you own a van for your domestic property or are willing to make multiple trips for your London business removal, relocating furniture can be an arduous and impossible task without the help of a professional service. 


Whether you are moving home and require specific furniture removals, your business furniture is in need of relocation, or you require a one-off furniture removal around the London area. Vanguard Removals can be on-demand to assist you with all your furniture needs. 

To shed light on this, here is an overview of the type of furniture removals our dedicated team in London permit…


London House Furniture removals 

Looking for furniture removals in London? 

As a removals company, many of our work encompasses home removals, transporting the contents of customers homes from one location to the next. 

They are diligent, vetted and fully insured. They are experienced and equipped to handle various furniture delivery tasks to save you time and effort. You only need to spend a few minutes online to buy the furnishings you need and leave the rest to the reliable Vanguard technicians.

Business Furniture Relocations

We’re all aware that the current COVID-19 situation has put a major halt on most business enterprises, with the pandemic affecting a variety of sectors in a number of different ways. 

The pandemic has cultivated a major shift in the typical working landscape, with home-working increasingly on the rise; a notion Forbes has dubbed as the ‘working from home army’. However, for those who may have settled back into the office lifestyle, relocations may be in order again with the new tiered system in place – requiring you to relocate your staff’s office furniture back to their homes. Consequently, you may be in need of a removal company who can assist with the relocation. 

Alternatively, you may be looking to relocate your existing property – whether it be to a smaller office space – a fruitful option if saving money – or to a large property with ample square footage to accommodate an ever-increasing staffing organisation. 

With this in mind, hiring a dedicated furniture removals company can aid you in this process. Whether it’s a selection of 500, 50, or just 5 office chairs, desks, or printing machines, specialist vans, and furniture movers can ensure that your relocation is stress-free (for the most part anyway). 

4th Quarter Warehouse Furniture Removals

The 4th quarter is right around the corner. This typically means most warehouses will be preparing to manage increased inventory to fulfill large holiday orders or shipping out as much as possible to lower year-end inventory levels. Consequently, creating a strategic plan to combat the chaos will be essential over the coming months. 


One way you may be preparing for this upcoming event will be re-evaluating the layout of your warehouse in order to determine the optimal way of improving storage capacity and space. Indeed, the interior model of your warehouse will be an integral way of handling increased activity over the next few months. 


Our dedicated furniture removals service can even assist with your warehouse needs, removing any pallet racking or heavy-duty items that you want out of your space so that you can properly organise your warehouse ahead of the hectic Christmas period. 


One-off furniture removals

Sometimes, a full furniture relocation with an array of chairs, sofas and various heavy-duty items are not required. You may just need one singular item picked up and removed from your property. 

This one-off removal may be for your house relocation to place at the new property or into a storage facility, for your business enterprise, or for a one-off job requirement such as a modelling shoot, where a specific piece of furniture will transform the set into a masterpiece. 

When thinking about a removals company, you may automatically assume that one-off furniture removal would be too costly to even consider. However, when you weigh up the logistics of lugging a piece of furniture across London – an impossible endeavour for many – a removals company is likely the most fruitful and affordable option. 


With this in mind, movers specializing in moving luxury household belongings are favourable, as they have usually have spent time training and learning methods that will ensure safe, speedy and low cost moving services. When they are available locally, it is also extremely convenient.

You can drop into their office to talk things over or phone them and get someone to visit you the same day. Let them do the packing and unpacking at the destination as well. Dedicated furniture Movers are organized, professional and systematic in their approach.

At Vanguard Removals, we provide safe, fully-insured and cost-effective furniture removals in London. Being a local company, we have the added bonus of being able to reach clients around the area promptly, which also saves you costs as there is less distance for our vans to travel. Our furniture movers are also experienced and trained professionals who can relocate your luxury and expensive belongings without a scratch or dent.

So what are you waiting for? Call our team today to find out how we can help you with all your furniture relocation needs. 

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