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Where to live in London

Written by Charlotte

November 25, 2020

When many people think of London, they imagine a concrete jungle filled with either joyful tourists or corporate buildings and businessmen and women rushing from A to B. However, the reality is quite the contrary. Besides from the central swarm of people in the business, financial or banking central on a square mile or canary wharf, London is brimming with bright and colourful neighbourhoods, each unique in charm, character and functionality. 


If you’re considering moving to London and perplexed as to which neighbourhood will work best for you and your individual needs, don’t worry, Vanguard Removals has you covered. In this article we will cover the best places to live if you’re looking for affordable living in London, a great place to bring up children, an environment where the food and drinks are top quality and boroughs where greenery is plentiful. 

Best Places To Live in London For Families 


You’ve probably already heard a lot of people tell you London might not be the most economical place to bring up a family. High rental prices, lack of green space, bustling city that is not “child-friendly”. Moving to London is a huge step and takes a lot of consideration, particularly if you have to factor children into the equation. 


Schools, playgrounds, and safety is presumably going to be one of the main considerations you take when choosing where to live in London. With this in mind, we take a look at five of the best areas in London to live with your family. 

Family Cartoon


Located in South West London, Richmond continuously hits the top spot for being the most family-friendly borough in London. Richmond also sits conveniently on a District underground line as well as an overground railway station, ensuring that you and your family are well connected to the city and surrounding areas. 

Moreover, when thinking about parks and open green spaces in London, many people will immediately think of Richmond Park and it is not surprising. Richmond Park is 9.55 km² of beautifully maintained public gardens that is popular with families, runners, picnickers, cyclists and deer.

The quality of schools in Richmond are also known for their high-quality academic status – with 28 of them in the borough receiving an outstanding ofsted rating, making Richmond a great London neighbourhood for your children’s education. 

London Boroughs for Affordable Living 


London is known for its expensive real estate. Indeed, a vast majority of people living and working in the city resort to renting properties in order to live there. 

However, you can live in London at a fairly affordable price – it just depends on the areas you decide to pick. 

Locations such as Bexley provide affordable housing without compromising on comfort. On average, you can rent a one-bedroom apartment for £825. Although this sounds expensive, when you compare it to the average price of a one-bedroom apartment (£950 – 1,300) in London, it’s an absolute steal. 

Bexley is a charming borough, tucked away in the south-east side of London. Not only does it offer affordable living, but you can enjoy luscious fields, quaint markets, and excellent connections to central London. 


The most Northerly part of the city, Enfield is connected with the tube network by Arnos Grove, Southgate, Oakwood, and Cockfosters stations on the Piccadilly Line. Enfield is known for its friendly aura in North-West London, with a rich history, excellent restaurants and plenty of shops and outlets to enjoy. Due to the low house prices available in this borough, those moving to London can certainly get more bang for their buck based here. 

London Boroughs for Nature Lovers 


If you love the greenery – a site that you may not often get exposed in the city landscapes, then Lewisham might be the best borough for all your wildlife needs. 

Lewisham is home to Beckenham Place Park, which covers a whopping 98 hectares of grand old greenery for you to freely enjoy. After a £6.8 million renovation project back in 2019, Beckenham also incorporated an open swimming lake in the park which surrounds the most magnificent woodland – proving once again that London is more than a concrete jungle. 

Crystal Palace 

Another obvious choice of London neighbourhoods for lovers of parks and open spaces is Crystal Palace. Most of the Crystal Palace area is occupied by the beautiful park which is often filled with families enjoying the surroundings that include a parade of dinosaur statues, a skate park, one of the largest outdoor mazes in the country and a boating park.

Near the park is the railway station and the National Sports Stadium – a 15,500 seater athletics stadium that is a popular attraction for sports fans.

Part of the Bromley borough of London, Crystal Palace has a low crime rate, similar to that of Richmond, just 139 (per 1000 residents). Another interesting point that is enjoyed by its residents is that Crystal Palace has one of the highest points in the city, meaning there are some fantastic views of the capital.

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