What are white glove delivery services and how to book them

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Written by Zoltan Makra

May 5, 2020

With all the talk of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and contamination control measures, you would be excused for thinking that ‘white-glove’ transport and removal services relate to COVID-19.

In fact, it’s a term that’s been around for a long time in house removals London-wide and beyond.

What does white glove delivery mean? It’s an expression applied to transporting goods or belongings with special care and attention.

So homeowners and businesses could search for ‘white glove delivery near me’ if they have particularly precious or valuable things they need to move around. For example, if your home contains antiques that are delicate and precious or your business needs van and driver hire to relocate or collect complex equipment and machinery.

What sort of service is provided by white glove removal companies in London?

Using this term when you get a quote for home removals or business transport projects flags up that special care and attention will be needed.

You can then discuss a quote that includes any additional factors, such as help with packaging valuable, fragile or complex items ready for transportation. Or, arranging a specific size and type of moving boxes, or even a man with a van who can help you to load, unload and position the item with immense care.

Advantages of booking white glove removals

One of the biggest benefits of choosing London removal companies who have a track record in extremely well managed and careful projects is reducing stress levels and risks! You know that your special requests and requirements will be met with expertise and responsive customer care.

The men or women who come with your London ‘man with van’ hire will have the training and equipment to match your specific brief.

The other side of the coin is trusting specialist removal or transport tasks to cheap removals companies, and hoping for the best. This is one situation when the lowest cost could mean taking a massive risk.

How to get careful and hygienic removal quotes

So, if you want white glove transport services – or indeed London removals and transport services that comply with COVID-19 guidelines – then you need to contact the team at Vanguard Removals.

Every client is treated as an individual, and every project – large or small – is treated with equal importance and care. Which means going the ‘extra mile’ to provide maximum peace of mind!

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