Top Tips for Your Flat Removal

Written by Charlotte

August 14, 2020

How to prepare for your flat removal

If you’re currently or considering moving out of your home into a smaller property, in this case, a flat, you may be finding the entire process extremely stressful. Relocating clothing and furniture that has previously fit in a home with multiple rooms to a smaller property will require careful planning and meticulous organization. Consequently, to help you during the process, we have provided some top tips on how to prepare you for your flat removal. 


1) Know the size of the flat you’re moving to.


Do your due diligence and find out the dimensions of your property from the seller or the landlord. It may be a good idea for those of you considering buying a flat to take a tape measure during viewings. This way, you have a rough idea as to what furniture you can integrate into the different rooms – ensuring you can properly plan your interior decoration. 

It’s likely that you will have too much stuff going into the relocation process, so being organised means you have a head start and can alleviate any stress you may be experiencing.


2) Keep only what is necessary for your flat removal 


I know, this seems easier said than done. However, you will probably find that it is impossible to fill all the content of your home into a smaller apartment. Consequently, you will need to be strict about what you deem essential. 

We all love to hoard items, it’s an inevitability of every home. Keeping sentimental items because of the profound memory attached to it is an innate response by many, but sometimes you have to let go. Particularly during a relocation. 

Some items will be easy to get rid of, for instance, you will not need outside equipment or if you are moving to a flat where there are no gardens. You also don’t need large tables and dining sets if it’s just you living in the property. 

Be organised and remove what is no longer used to create an ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing interior space when you move in.


3) Make the most of your unnecessary items for your flat removal 


When we talk about removing unused items, it’s still extremely important that you make good use out of them. If they have value – i.e., not broken or worn out – then selling your possessions could be a useful way to make some additional cash. 

Gumtree and eBay are always useful platforms, or alternatively, for those items that are a little worn out, second-hand clothes stores and charity shops are good places to donate clothing too. 

Selling clothes means you can free space up for your move without having to pay for additional storage facilities or vans for transit – saving you money on your removal overall.


4) Consider self-storage in the short term for flat removals 


There comes a time in many relocations that self-storage is required. This may particularly be the case if you are downsizing. Storage facilities offer additional square footage to store all your possessions so that they do not clutter your home during relocation and make the entire process more stressful. 

Storage units are also highly secure, making them the safest possible solution to store your belongings, yet highly accessible for you to come and pick up any items you need. 

Our storage facilities are located in North and East London – just off of the M1. They have 24-hour maintenance and are controlled by alarm systems, providing you the best protection for your personal possessions. Our facilities are great if you’re looking to downsize and need some additional room to breathe whilst you temporarily settle into your new abode. You can store some high-value items and rest assured knowing they are extremely well protected. 

Why Choose Vanguard Removals for your flat removal?

For an efficient and highly professional flat removal, call our team today and we will be happy to get you started on your relocation journey. Alternatively, fill out our quick quote for an estimation on costs for the flat removal, where our operators will respond speedily to give you the most competitive prices!


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