5 Top Tips for Moving House

Person holding 3 brown stacked boxes

Written by Zoltan Makra

April 29, 2020

Moving house can seem like a daunting and overwhelming task. If you stay calm and follow the below tips, however, you can eliminate the stress of moving and have an enjoyable moving experience.

1. Pack an overnight bag

Pack a small bag with your toiletries, pyjamas and a fresh set of clothes. This will ensure when you move into your new property you have all your essentials in one convenient place and won’t have to search through your moving boxes to find important items. Remember to keep any medicine, such as an inhaler if you have one, in your overnight bag too!

2. De-clutter your home before you start packing

It is important you de-clutter your home before you start packing to ensure you don’t waste any time or energy packing items you will later throw away. Once you have de-cluttered your house, place the items into two piles, one for donation and one for the bin. You should also donate tinned goods to a food bank, as tins are heavy, non-essential items to pack and transport.

3. Create a schedule

To ensure you don’t get behind on packing, create a schedule of when you would like each room to be packed and ready. It is important you also include breaks into your schedule to avoid getting burnt out whilst packing.

4. Create a labelled inventory

Ensure you label each box you have carefully, you should then create an inventory of how many boxes there are per room and roughly what each box contains. This will ensure you don’t lose or forget about any boxes during the move and unpacking will be much easier when you arrive at your new property.

5. Contact a removal company

To ensure your move is as easy and efficient as possible, contact a reputable moving company such as Vanguard Removals. An expert removal company can ensure your moving experience is as simple as possible and can help you with everything from packing to transporting your goods.

For more moving tips and information about the services we can provide, do not hesitate to contact Vanguard Removals today and make your next move effortless.

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