Top Things to consider when selecting a storage facility

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Written by Charlotte

July 29, 2020

We get it, moving is stressful…

Transporting boxes from one location to the next can be an arduous task, to say the least. This stress is only exacerbated by the streams of household items hoarded over the years, in addition to the lack of space in the home to store all your belongings before and even after move day.

According to the Independent, the average Briton holds on to more than £1,600 worth of unwanted items. Consequently, this poses real difficulty when individuals decide to relocate, with their excess belongings causing difficulty in both a packaging and storage sense.

Thankfully, a storage facility alleviates any problems you may have during your relocation process, providing ample square footage for those items that can no longer fit in your home. However, when considering using a self-storage facility, you still need to weigh up the costs involved and make sure it is the right solution for you. In order to do so, we have provided our top 3 tips to consider when selecting a storage facility.

Self Storage Vs Full Service

One of the first things you’ll need to decide upon when choosing a storage unit facility is whether you’d like your unit to be self-service, allowing easy access whenever you please, or full-service, requiring you to give notice to the facility in advance of accessing your goods. Effectively, the choice is one of flexibility vs. security; whereas a self-service unit will allow you to come and go as you please, full-service units tend to be more secure, thus potentially lending themselves to the storage of valuables rather than day-to-day items.
With our storage facilities, you can easily arrange to have 24-hour access to your room, and our onsite team can accept deliveries to our Enfield store on your behalf so that you don”t have to wait around for your parcels to be delivered. The rooms are also easily accessible, even if you have larger items, thanks to our double door and drive-up room access, loading bays and high-ceilinged rooms.

Cost, size and location

Another obvious factor you’ll want to consider when choosing a storage facility is the cost, size and location of your unit. Generally, the larger the unit and the closer it is to urban areas, the more expensive the unit will be. It is therefore worthwhile thinking about how much you actually need to store, and how often you’ll need to access it – if, for instance, you just want a place to store old memorabilia that you rarely look at anyway, a smaller unit further out may well be the best option to save you some money.
Our storage units in North London and East London are in close proximity to the city as well as the outskirts of London. Our storage rooms are available in a wide range of sizes for a low, weekly price.  The storage pods in the warehouse are approximately 250 cubic feet, 35 square feet, providing ample room to store all your necessary belongings during the relocation transition. 
For ease of convenience, our storage facilities also have excellent parking with an indoor customer loading area to keep you safe and dry when storing your items.

Level of Security

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a storage unit is the level of security the facility has. Whilst this is obviously important if you plan on storing valuables, even day-to-day items can be a hindrance to lose, and the last thing you want when choosing a storage facility is to be worried that your possessions might be stolen! Do your research; make sure the facility has up-to-date security systems in place, and enquire as to how exactly your goods will be monitored.

At vanguard Removals, the safety of your possessions is of paramount importance to us. Our purpose-built warehouse in North London and East London are clean, dry and secure and is covered by extensive CCTV equipment that is protected via a RedCare alarm system. Our storage facilities are also perfectly aligned in close proximity to the city, yet surrounded by greenery in its own private residences, meaning accessibility for non-staff and customers is extremely difficult. 

For more information regarding our storage units, call our friendly team today and we will be happy to discuss this with you in more detail or alternatively, check out our storage facility page to see how the process works! 

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