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Written by Zoltan Makra

February 23, 2021

Amongst other things, lockdown has changed the meaning of the word workplace for good.  As a result, you may be looking to consolidate offices or move to smaller/different premises to meet your new business requirements. 

Indeed, the typical hustle and bustle on the tube and across the city of London have slowly diminished over time due to Covid-19, with thousands of city workers either staying at home or moving away from the city. Depending upon the nature of your business, you may be looking to either downsize to a more practical and economical premise or alternatively, with new property cropping up across London, you may even want to expand? 

Either way, office removals can be extremely stressful.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to efficiently plan, organise and relocate your office essentials in a seamless move. Commercial office removals are more than simply packing up and relocating furniture to the new site. There are a number of essential steps that need to be followed to facilitate a successful move. We cover this within the blog. 


What is an office relocation? 

It is the process of removing all the belongings from your place of business to another location. Office relocations can comprise a number of steps over a certain period of time, making them more complex than your typical home removal (obviously depending on the size of the business). This is because removal specialists and business owners have to factor in their staff and the general functioning of the business, as well as all the equipment that is currently located within the office space. 

In order to carefully execute a successful London office removal, you need to spend as much time planning and organising, from inception to finish, as a way of preventing any time delays and subsequent financial losses to the business. A successful move can be covered over six essential steps. These include; 

  • Planning
  • Sorting and organising
  • Disassembly and packing
  • Transporting 
  • Unpacking and reassembling
  • Storage 



As with anything, planning is essential to the success of the removal operation. The planning process will involve budgeting, timeframes, staff communication and project plans; each housed with their own complexities that need to be addressed prior to the office move



As a business, you will need to outline what your budget is prior to moving, to ensure that you can allocate cash to each stage of the project accordingly. It is imperative that you review your budget through the project to maintain an organised and time-effective office move. Obviously if you are hiring professional removal services they can assist with this stage of the planning process. Vanguard Removals provide free quotations that cover each step of the office relocation project, with a day-by-day breakdown of the activities and equipment that will be taking place. 



A successful office move will provide a timeframe. This will be broken down into a day-by-day plan, detailing what part of the office will be relocated on a specific date and what types of equipment will be involved in order to do this. 


Staff Communication 

Prior to any London office relocation, it is vital that your staff are aware of key timeframes and if they are a part of the removal process. This will affect their everyday working schedule, so make sure they are not an afterthought. It would be a fruitful idea to create an itinerary that can be handed out to them so they are aware of the project ongoings. Obviously in this current climate staff relocation may not be as much of an issue, but being as transparent as possible is still essential as employers working remotely will still want to be kept in the loop. 


Project Plans 

Each office relocation will have their own project plan, depending upon where you are based and where you are relocating too. For example, an office located in North London moving to South London will be completely different from another project that is moving a street down from its original space in central london. Things to consider for office relocation include your budget, individuals tasks and timeframes. 


Sorting and Organising 

Once you have an office plan fully established, you now will need to begin the sorting and organising phase of the commercial move. This encompasses decluttering your original space, labelling all the boxes and creating an inventory so you do not misplace any essential office items. 



A tidy mind equates to a tidy removal. That means decluttering your office space of any unnecessary and wasteful items that bear little to no significance to you and your business. By reducing the inventory that you need locating will also minimise the overall cost of your removal. 



Labelling is probably one of the most essential steps for any office relocation project. We would advise compiling all items that are semantically related together i.e., IT equipment, and then labelling them in colour coded stickers that can be easily identified when at the new location. You could also label the boxes according to levels of importance, grouping them together for packing which will make it easier to find them once they’ve been transported. 


Inventory checklists

Inventory checklists with a sole purpose of monitoring every item relocated will help when unpacking your belongings. If anything goes missing or gets broken during the transportation, you will have a note of this prior to staff arriving back to the office. Consequently, you can make all the necessary arrangements to replace their kit, if required. Hopefully, the move will be so seamless that this is not necessary, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry!!!

Disassembling & Packing 

Successful office removals around London require appropriate disassembling and packing solutions to ensure all belongings are carefully transported to and from the old building to the new one. 

Each product will require different packaging materials, depending on their size and material. Removal companies should ensure that all delicate objects include a fragile packing service and that all cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, wooden crates, plastic tubs or metal crates are properly provided to the business prior to the relocation. It’s best to leave this to the professionals though. 

Vanguard Removals have extensive knowledge of commercial office furniture removals across London and the intricacies involved with fragile packing, so leave the hard stuff to us. 



Arranging the right, professional transportation is crucial to the success of your commercial removal. There are so many factors involved when it comes to the transportation process and navigating your way across the busy streets of London. Here are a few aspects to consider; 


Hiring the correct size vehicle 

Van size is crucial. You need to make sure that you hire the most appropriate van to fit in all your office belongings. Again, this is something that professional removals companies have experience doing and should advise you on this. 


Parking issues 

Is your London office on a busy road? Will there be enough space to park the removal vans outside your property. These are all questions that need to be asked prior to the relocation process. 


Selecting a reputable moving company

A London office relocation is a huge job that requires meticulous attention to detail and planning. Co-ordinating all of the above points can be daunting, so you need to have a company that you can rely on.

Consequently, opting for a reputable London removals company that has experience with commercial moves is essential. They should be trialed and tested with a range of removals vans and testimonials that will enable you to make a good judgment about their professional ability. Local knowledge of the area is also essential for a smooth move. 

Unpacking and Reassembling 

Office relocations require careful unpacking and reassembling of all items/equipment to allow you to integrate within your new location. The smoother this process is, the quicker it will be for you to set up in your new location and get the general practice of your business back up and running. Time delays can be damaging from both a staff-productivity and an economic perspective. 

A professional removals company should be able to assist with this process again, making sure that all the equipment is located in the correct space of your new location. However, this will involve walking through the floor plans at your new commercial office with the removals company and outlining where you would like everything placed. For any products that you are unsure of, storage facilities can always be arranged. In fact, Vanguard Removals have their very own storage facility that is fully protected on a 24-hour basis. 


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