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Our Cleaning Services in London

When you choose Vanguard Removals, you are employing the services of a trusted business that has a vast knowledge and experience of domestic and commercial cleaning operations. Our professional team of fully insured domestic and commercial cleaners will quickly have your home or commercial premises clean and tidy. Our cleaners work by the hour and can range from individuals to teams depending on the scale of the job. Every clean our team completes comes with the Vanguard Removals guarantee – quality and service at a price that’s right.


Domestic Cleaning

We specialise in one-off end-of tenancies and one-off deep cleaning domestic services across London. The fully insured Vanguard Removals cleaning team will come to your home with their own specialist equipment and ensure it is impeccably clean and tidy. Leaving you free to relax and focus on other more important tasks.


Commercial Cleaning

We work with companies of varying sizes across a broad range of industries, and our team of specialist cleaners understands the complexities that come with various types of commercial cleaning. Our extensive and professional services include office cleaning, event cleaning, restaurant cleaning, leisure cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning.

Need help you with your end of tenancy cleaning?

In addition to packing, transporting and unpacking your belongings, Vanguard Removals can also provide you with extremely efficient and high-quality cleaning services. We understand the mess synonymous with relocations, so for those clients who haven’t got the time to clean and pack simultaneously, we will do this for you, thus ensuring that your home removal goes as smooth and seamless as possible.

Find out more about our specialist cleaning services by calling us on 020 3900 2344 or contacting us here.


Why is End of Tenancy Cleaning So Important?

It is a tenant’s responsibility to ensure that the property is in a clean and hygienic condition before they move. This includes;

– Removing rubbish
– Leaving the property free of pet hairs
– No signs of mold, rust, or limescale
– No signs of dirt or dust in the property

Vanguard Removals office cleaning services London UK
Vanguard Removals office house home and office cleaning services London UK

Why Hire us for your End of Tenancy Cleaning? 

Despite organising all of your belongings and planning your removal strategically, it is extremely common for disputes to occur between landlords and tenants when they relocate properties. Consequently, tenants may incur costs if they do not meet the landlord’s guidelines, even if they feel as if they have sufficiently cleaned their property. With an extensive list of chores already associated with relocating, it is often extremely helpful and beneficial to hire a specialist to do the job for you!.

How can Vanguard Removals help you with your end of tenancy cleaning?

End of tenancy cleaning includes a range of services that ensure your property is in a clean condition for new tenants when they arrive, in addition to ensuring that you do not incur any additional costs should you leave the house in an unfit state. This may include;

– Removing all limescale from taps, sinks, showers and baths
-Window cleaning
-Cleaning kitchen cupboards
-Dusting all blinds and curtains
-Cleaning the carpets

Vanguard Removals office house and home cleaning services London UK

How It Works


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We have full liability insurance for your piece of mind, so should the worst happen we can fix it for you.

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    Vanguard Removals office cleaning services London UK