4 Useful Tips for Moving House in London

Written by Charlotte

November 30, 2020


Need Help Organising a House Removals in London? 


London is one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world. While this buzz and electric feeling may be one of the captivating appeals for many, opting to relocate home in it is far from amusing. London’s broad geographical landscape can make it a logistical nightmare, which, for those of you who may be unfamiliar with the London roads, can be extremely stressful. 


Serving the city for years, Vanguard London Movers have extensive experience navigating through the city. Whether it’s right through the city centre or the diverse London boroughs, we know the difficulty of planning a move in this hectic location. Accordingly, we have compiled a list of top 4 tips to consider when moving house in London, to help reduce the stress and prepare you for the big day!

Timing is everything

Moving house is typically synonymous with stress. However, this stress is likely to be exacerbated by opting for a moving time that is right in the midst of rush-hour traffic.

Consequently, It is advantageous to begin the moving process as early as possible, to avoid the inevitable build-up of traffic prototypical of London’s highstreets. When picking a moving date, make sure to analyse whether there are any big events that are happening across the London region and could potentially bring more traffic to a standstill – football games, concerts, conferences. 




Make use of short term storage options

Expecting to move all your belongings in one move is sometimes an impossible task – particularly if you are doing it without the support of a professional London removals company. Thus, opting for a short term storage solution is a fruitful way of reducing the stress and anxiety of having to fit everything into that one moving day. 

Thankfully, many storage facilities offer flexible visiting hours and competitive prices for your personal belongings  -meaning you don’t have to worry about fitting everything in one day. 

If you do choose a removals company, they will most likely have their own storage facility for your belongings. Our storage facilities are based in Enfield, North London, just off the M1, providing ample car/van access so you can freely collect household items when you require them. It really is that easy!

Consider Congestion Charges in London

The dreaded London congestion charges. 

If you are a new time buyer moving into London, or just relocating, then consider the congestion charges in the city centre. Typically, these changes can be anywhere between £11.50 per vehicle per day (a figure which is increasingly on the rise due to environmental regulations). 


In this case, it  is advisable that you refer to point 1) and pick a reasonable time to travel to minimise any charges that you may incur (although it’s hard to avoid the inevitable traffic in the busiest city in the country). 


With this in mind, it may be more economical opting for a removals company to assist you in your London house removal, as these companies take congestion into consideration when providing an estimation for your move.  

Plan out your route carefully when Moving House in London

As aforementioned, London is busy. 

Driving around London can be stressful at the best of times, let alone when you get caught up in one of the capital’s notorious traffic hotspots. Our advice would be to read up on road works on the news or download informative apps that can be useful in terms of planning routes to avoid major congestion zones. 

Perhaps the easiest way to ensure a smooth move is to hire a local London removals company with access to a cheap storage unit, as they are professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience moving in London. 

At Vanguard Removals, we pride ourselves in our ability to move customers in the most efficient time possible, to ensure a safe and seamless move from your old destination, to your new location.

Browse our London house removals today or call our friendly team to find out more today!

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