4 Essential Labelling Tips for Your Move

Written by Charlotte

January 20, 2021

4 Essential Labelling Tips for Your Move

Moving is a stressful endeavour. Relocating items from one location to another can feel extremely daunting and I bet many of you are already in the mindset of ‘how do I even begin’???? 


While this may seem extremely overwhelming, here at Vanguard Removals, we want to share some useful tips on how best to prepare for a move, to avoid the psychological stress that is synonymous with moving home. 


Indeed, first-time movers may under-anticipate some very vital elements that go into moving, particularly the pre-packing stages that truly set the tone for the entire move. Having a well-orchestrated and organised packing system can not only help you decide which items you deem essential for the move, but it also allows the removal guys to locate your belongings in the correct place, facilitating the unpacking process when you finally move into your new destination. 


So, in order to help the best way we can, here are our 4 top tips for labelling items prior to your move. We suggest you select one that will work best for you and your move…


  • Colour code labels 


This top labelling tip goes hand in hand with labelling by room, however, it’s a bit more visually appealing. 


All you have to do when moving your items is place coloured labels or stickers to each box with a dedicated colour for each room. For example, your kitchen can be labelled in yellow making it visually easy to see which box belongs where when you arrive at your new destination. 


It’s also a lot easier if you are hiring a professional moving company, as they can see the labels and place them into the location – saving you the time and effort of having to scour through the endless supplies of moving materials when in your new home. It’s simple, easy and a stress-free hack that is definitely worth pursuing.  


  • Labels by room


Similarly to the colour coding system, labelling your boxes on a room by room basis makes packing and unloading fairly simple. All you have to do is ensure that you tape the same label on each side of the box and place the specific room on top of the packaging. 


This systematic approach again facilitates the moving process and helps removal companies locate your personal possessions in the correct location. 


  • Priority code labels 


This labelling system could combine a couple of house removal concepts. For instance, the items that you want to prioritise can be loaded into the removals van first. This works particularly well for larger, heavy duty items like beds and kitchen appliances that are fairy vital when moving into your new location. Organising your personal belongings this way prior to moving also allows you to systamise and organise yourself prior to your move. Hear me out. You realise that your washing machine, clothing racks and beds are all fundamental items that need to be packed and unloaded first when arriving at your new destination. However, those certain pieces of clothing or artwork that you don’t need or use instantly can be relocated last or placed in storage until you get your personal belongings organised and prepared to unload. 


The other idea behind this system is to clearly state and remind yourself which box is a priority in terms of getting it unpacked first.

The best way to do this is by placing an ‘H’ on a box, obviously denoting ‘high priority’. The system can work in tiers with M for medium next and L for now lastly, to indicate that this box is the lowest level of priority.  This labelling method will prevent you from unpacking your wedding dress first, while your kids’ school books are still buried somewhere in the heap of boxes. 


  • Labels by item 


Packing your personal belongings by items is another fruitful way to prepare for your move. For instance, you can group a collection of soft items together like bedding, cushions and rugs to keep in a collective bag. 


Other examples may obviously be electrical appliances, kitchen utensils, everyone’s clothing. All of these items can be grouped together accordingly. 


This type of packing method is probably not the most logical way of organising removal items, however, it can definitely work for movers. It just depends on the way you function and the type of relocation you are pursuing.

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